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Quality Assurance Welcome to Shanghai Rainbow Translation & Consulting Co. Ltd.

 Quality Assurance

■ The Warranty Period for the Translation is 6 months after it is handed over.
■ Refer to the National Standards for standard of the Translation.
■ Ensure the accuracy of minor translation and the professionalism, consistency and integrity of staple translation by means of the application of computer assisted translation.
■ During the warranty period, we take care of a spot of errors and leave-outs by:
 1) Free correction of the typewriting
 2) Free errata for printings
■ When the translation is proved as unqualified by the authority, we shall compensate for consequential losses.

 Follow-up Service

■ Compilation and Archiving of data
 All the data generated during the translation will be compiled, numbered, sorted and archived after the translation is delivered.
 Every data in very translation project will be encoded according to the unified coding standard of our quality standard.
 The translator, reviser, technical consultant, editor as well as all the personnel responsible for every procedure of a translation project can be traced by the coding.
■ Customer Feedback management
 The feedback from the customer shall be kept in the record and reported to the project leader and the customer manager.
■ Quality Tracing
 The performance of the translation project team and the translator shall be assessed according to the customer feedback in order to summarize the excellence and shortcomings of the translation and also to file relevant information.
 As long as the warranty period is 6 months, the quality of the translation shall be traced during the 6 months after the delivery in order to assist the customers in resolving related problems.

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